This project was founded in the first meaning to provide a good source and a plattform for my company and its projects.
Problem was quality, untrusted services, sources and manipulated software by thirtparties and the resulting effort in time and damage as well as disappearing of good software by the blob.
There is much software in the net, but its hard to find out whats worthy, functional and in the meaning of the user.


Centerzone providing Space for Open Source, free and essential Software.
We invest much time in testing, controlling and approofing selected software, to avoid traps, censorship and protecting users and companies form damage by backdoors and datamining.
Target is to provide trustfull and correct software for daily work with computer and for it specialists who need a trusted qualified source of quality.
As testing is much work a 100% garanty needs a lot effort, we try to improve this over time.
Bugtracking and Testreport will keep you informed about the actual state.

Centerzone is providing information and content for a wide range of knowhow.
We try to keep the site independent from industry and offical political and marketing and personal meanings.

All goes in the meaning of opensource, gnu, and open licenses, that made things like linux, apache and many more possible.
Its about keeping software open and free but paying for services and work on this creation, packaging, documentation, distribution, installation and administration.
Its about respecting rights of owner and reference the source.

We like to provide some licence modell to protect rights, projects, software and developer, and looking for a sponsoring modell so all work will be refunded. Just a little from every one can create big for all.

We dont like to support people grabbing or steal software of hard public work, buying it for cheap,
closing the source for public and starting big commerce without even recharching the founders, like it happend to much in the past.

Simple as that, if you like to provide opensource to the public welcome, if you like to make commerce write your own code and pay
the costs for or employ people for writing or service, but stop stealing free, relabel and sell it under your name.


This site is sponsored by Kulow IT+C GmbH.
Consulting as well Support in using Software can be provided by us and is welcome and will help us with this project.

Support is welcome but will not interfere the content and mission at all.